Exhibitions & Catalogues

Going Places (Group)

24 Feb – 10 Apr 2022 Art Porters Gallery

I feel super honoured to be part of this group exhibition with Alex Face, Ernest Zacharevic and Sam Lo.

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Stories from Yesteryear (Solo)

17 Feb – 31 Mar 2021 The Substation + Sofitel Singapore City Centre

Features 30 Canvas Paintings/Sketches of my imagination of olden day Singapore.They are panoramic yet intricate scenes, such that one can walk into the paintings, listen to the conversations, and watch as the stories unfold.

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Something, Somewhere, Somewhen (Solo)

  • 12 Jan – 14 Mar 2021. Art Porters Gallery

Features 9 triptych paintings on canvases and 15 sets of paintings on everyday objects, inspired by my street murals. These snippets from the murals and everyday objects are bound to evoke a sense of intimate familiarity. The viewer may have seen that something in a mural, or in an old photograph, or from one’s memory; but may not remember where and when. Something, Somewhere, Somewhen thus evoke that sense of poignant nostalgia.

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