2 thoughts on “Amah

  • Hi YC,

    I started to love street mural arts after visited Gamcheondong in Busan, Ihwa-dong in Seoul and George Town in Penang. These places are very well advertised and well known to locals and tourists.

    It is only recently that I discovered there are many amazing good works by youself and other artists in our own land too 😛

    I was in Tiong Bahru yesterday and took some pictures of your 3 masterpieces. Really like them very much, espeacially HOME. I was very surprised when I looked into the details..the Bird series $1 notes and the late comedians Wong Sar and Ya Fong etc.THANK YOU, I mssed those time.

    I was wondering any chance that we could see Sungei Rd thieves market on the wall?

  • Hi Janice,

    Thank you for appreciating my works. I miss the Sungei Road market too, it’s a pity it is gone. The them of painting the market is within my genre, so if an opportunity arises to request me to paint it, I will definitely pursue it.

    Thanks and best regards

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