Dreams of the Singapore River

I often dream of myself being in a utopia. One that is harmonious and bustling with activity, which arouses all my six senses.

The look and feel of Singapore, being clean, green, polished and orderly, is ideal for many people. But I prefer her to be a little bit more raw and messy which will accentuate her uniqueness and original flavour.

I’ve drawn these 3 scenes of the Singapore River from my imagination. Can you find me and my shops in these scenes? I invite you to jump in and soak up the sights, sounds, smell and tastes of my version of utopian Singapore!


Singapore River3

How I wish we could retain all the forests in Singapore and build houses on the trees. I wish that one day, Singapore will have real ‘Super Trees’! versus the man-made ones at Gardens by the Bay.


Singapore River2

Singapore heartland pulsating with life. Innovative roof-top hawker centres, playgrounds and gardens, all interconnected by sky bridges, calmed by the soothing flow of the Singapore River running below. That’s me! chillaxing on the tree and strumming “Count on me Singapore”.


Singapore River1

Ahh, this is the ultimate Singapore I’ve always dreamt I could go back to…to climb the ladder and chillax on the roof top again!

6 thoughts on “Dreams of the Singapore River

  • Yew Chong,

    Love your drawings! You are always very talented. I would like to visit with you when I come to Singapore.

    Cher Kng

  • Hi Cher Kng, Thank you very much. Yes, lets catch up when you come back again. Hope my drawings fondle your heart to visit Singapore more often!

  • I am an ardent fan of yours now. Your photography has always been amazing, but it came by as a surprise when I saw ur art-extreme side! I closely follow your artwork, and Its just just one of the best things I have seen off late. All your art has its story that binds the person into it. It makes me want to plan a trip to SG again. Although I travelled a lot, SG is my favourite place always! I totally loved this page of yours too, and will keep looking forward to all your works. Way to go!

  • Hello Sushma, How are you! Thank you for your compliments about my works. It is my pleasure to keep on capturing and sharing the beauty of the world through photos, and now drawings and even writing. I’ll do my best to upkeep the standard! Hope to see you in Singapore again.

  • Hi Yew Chong,

    Thank you for the ‘Dreams of Singapore’ paintings, artistic expression with memories of old Singapore.

    I share your sentiments with dreams of old Singapore in a different era. I cannot draw, so I have to use “memory-aids” with photos and drawings to express my dreams of Singapore when I grew up in the 1950s.

    I know I romanticise the nostalgic childhood memories of Bukit Ho Swee kampong where I was born in 1948 and where I grew up.

    This is one of them to share in this blog of market scenes in early Singapore:


    Warm Regards.
    James Seah

  • Hi James,
    I love your blogs! They actually inspire me to recreate those lost scenes I had painted as murals on the streets. Hope to meet you in person one day!

    Thanks and Best regards
    Yew Chong

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