Reminiscing Old Ang Mo Kio (1 of 3)

A project by the Public Art Trust (of the National Arts Council) to bring Arts to the heartlands, March 2018. The mural is at block 341 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 Teck Ghee Court Market. The Kampong houses have been de-installed.

Ang Mo Kio was once a cluster of rustic kampongs and markets spread across an expanse of rural farmland criss-crossed by streams and joined by bridges (kios) built by the colonial government (ang mo). Rambutan (ang mo dan) trees were also abundant in the villages. These possibly gave rise to the name “Ang Mo Kio”.
As a boy, I remembered visiting my uncle’s kampong house in Ang Mo Kio. We had to cross many streams and bridges to reach the house. I had fond memories of plucking and eating rambutans from behind the house. In contrast with the towering HDB blocks carpeting present day Ang Mo Kio, it would be hard to imagine its idyllic kampong days. The murals and installations aim to reminisce the Old Ang Mo Kio and intertwine its rustic old world charm with its present day buzz.



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