“Chullschick”, a Peruvian Chicken Rotisserie, at 51 Graham Street, Central, serves Peruvian street food. It’s specialty is roasted chicken, with its crisp skin and tender juicy meat. Outside the restaurant on the street, I painted a 3-metre mini mural of an iconic HK Hakka woman eating a drumstick and a Peruvian girl roasting a chicken in an open “oven” (notice their same same same but different hats?)
As you follow the “chickens” up the steps, you will enter exotic “Peru” – Machu Picchu welcomes you at the door! Inside the restaurant, I painted a 12m long mural depicting colourful Peruvian food culture, Andean highland markets and sceneries, plus the mysterious Nazca lines.
Since a visit to Peru in 1998, I have fallen in love with Peru’s rich and colourful culture. These murals were painted with personal connection and passion. Enjoy Peru in Hong Kong!

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