The Tree (Hutan Lipur)

Hidden inside a newly opened mall, which is in turn surrounded by tall buildings, right in the City Centre of Kuala Lumpur, is a gigantic Banyan Tree. This rare lush greenery in the most unexpected place inspire me to create a mural which evokes and celebrates the coexistence of Nature and Mankind. The mural aims to immerse the building back into the Tree, mankind to Nature, and the present to the past. The hanging roots of the Tree particularly inspired the dripping-paint technique used throughout the painting. Have fun spotting the variety of flora and fauna! Here’s a little poem I have composed to compliment the mural:

Long before our times,
thick jungles covered the land from coasts to coasts. 
Across the land and sea, mankind arrived in droves while Nature played host.  
Where mankind consumed in abundance,
Coexistence became a burden
Nature receded to the interior, to give way to the future.
This is the future Tree
Standing majestically to this day, 
Reminiscing the good old days.

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