Impressions of Lodhi

I had the honour to create one of my largest mural ever, and more uniquely, it is in Delhi, India! The mural concept was inspired by the sights, sounds and smells of the Lodhi Colony, a residential area which has become an open art gallery for all, with its many large murals painted by both Indian and international artists. I painted the mural as part of an Art Festival organised by St+Art India Foundation and sponsored by Singapore Tourism Board. Several Singaporean Artists participated in the Festival.

I decided to use my usual semi-realistic painting style and chose a local life theme because I wish the mural to connect with people on the streets. On my first day of arrival in Delhi, to gather inspiration, I visited all the artworks in the district, walked the markets and strolled the  Lodi Garden. After taking many photographs, I made a final design composition overnight. After one night and eight days of painting with the kind help and support of the very hardworking staff and volunteers of St+Art, the 10m high by 30m long mural was successfully completed!

The mural featured larger-than-life images of a Bansuri wala (Flute seller, a scene which has disappeared on the streets in Lodhi), a cow, a sweet shop (Mithai), Chai (tea), school/bookshop, carpet, shawls and garlands. I was very glad about the choice of design concept because I had noticed the locals were able to immediately connect with them. Though there were many beautiful murals in Lodhi, they told me this one rare one that focused all about them. I also painted a little barbershop at the bottom right corner of the large wall. Unlike the other larger-than-life images, the barbershop was painted life-sized. A boy sat on a raised chair “having his hair cut”, however the barber is missing! As expected of the reaction, the locals and passers-by immediately knew they they had to “fill in” as his barber. The locals had fun posing for photographs!

I hope this mural will bring a smile to both locals and visitors when they see it. I also hope the mural has brought about a good exchange of cultures between India and Singapore (thanks to STB and St+Art India :-), as well as a better appreciation and understanding of our world’s similar and diverse cultures…same same but different!

Mural is at Lodhi Colony, Block 13 (street between Block 13 and block 16, off Meera Marg), Delhi, India. On the same lane, you will find the murals of fellow Singaporeans Eugene Soh, Samantha Lo and Sheryo (of Yok & Sheryo)!


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