Cantonese Opera 做大戏

I dreamt of painting this mural in Chinatown way back in Sept 2015, as a gift to my beloved Chinatown. See my blog Inspiration from Cantonese Opera. As a little boy, I followed my aunt to watch Cantonese Operas all around Chinatown. I had fond memories of the dazzling costumes, the realistic backdrops and props, and acrobatic fighting, all of which inspired the style of my art.

It took me three years to discover, navigate and connect with the right stakeholders in Chinatown before the painting could start. I remembered the beginning was hard when my cold calls to house owners and the authorities with my proposal was rejected. However, I was lucky to meet and made friends with people who believed in the idea. They helped me connect with the right stakeholders and rally for their support. Finally in April 2019, I painted the mural over 10 very hot and wet days. To make this dream come true more meaningful, I collaborated with the Community Chest to make this a fund raising event for various charities they support. As I had initiated and self-funded this project, 100% of all donations will go to the charities. To donate, please visit

There are plenty of intricate details to appreciate in the mural, such as the actors/actresses’ costumes, the backstage activities, the postures and expressions of the spectators, and the mobile food stalls that had arrived to catch the businesses of the spectators. I hope this colourful mural will delight both locals and tourists, the young and old and people of all races. I hope it has made Chinatown culturally more interesting and the street more beautiful. Thank you everyone for your support!



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