3 months in our COVID-19 World

Due to COVID-19 crisis over the last three months (Jan-Mar 2020), many stories have surfaced of our world’s unbelievable politics, of life and of death.. Some were comical, some heart warming while others were just heart wrenching.

I’ve compiled a selection of the headlines and drawn them onto one sketch. Interesting, the sketch doesn’t just retell the news’ headlines, but also exemplify the messy state of our current world order, make stark our rich-poor differences, and highlight our uneasy coexistence with so many conflicting priorities that don’t make sense.

OK, OK, If all these sound too deep, just run your eyes over the details and laugh to kill your stay-at-home time lah! Again, feel free to share, download the high resolution sketch (click in) to view the zoomed-in details, or use it as a wallpaper. Thank you!


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