This mural was painted as part of a Street Arts Fest in Cambodia, which included street art, music, dance, food and various arts workshops. The festival celebrates 55 years of diplomatic relations between Cambodia and Singapore.

Painted like a commemorative note, it whimsically combines the Cambodian 50,000 Riel with the Singapore 5 Dollar, with elements of both notes popping up. The Baby elephant of the Koh Ker Ruins, the Tembusu tree of Singapore’s Botanic Gardens,  invite the viewer to “walk” into the note. The little boy blows soap bubbles into the air, bringing his many wishes and dreams high into the sky. Not all will be fulfilled, only those with strong roots like the Tembusu Tree and sure-footedness like the Elephant, the best of his dreams will come true. Wishing continued prosperity for Cambodia and Singapore! 


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