Savour Khmer!

This mural was painted as part of a Street Arts Fest in Cambodia, which included street art, music, dance, food and various arts workshops. The festival celebrates 55 years of diplomatic relations between Cambodia and Singapore.

I painted this colourful and playful mural with the hope to make the viewer crave and dance :-p. I roamed the streets, food markets and tried a variety of Cambodian cuisine in order to paint this mural. From Nom to Amok, Kampot durians to grilled frogs, the colours and floating dishes jumped about and invite the viewer to join in the dance. Watch out for the live crabs, leaping frog, chicken and cat!

I’ve written various types of languages on my murals in different locations, to reflect the local culture there. Here, I have tried writing in Khmer language,  it means “Khmer Street Food”. Savour Khmer!


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