Kampong Jemput

This playful mural is my 4th mural in Kampong Glam. It is at the rear wall of”Heritage Collections on Arab” at 78 Arab street (Gelam outdoor gallery alleyway). I titled it “Kampong Jemput” (“welcoming village” in Malay) an almost forgotten name that was used for this area in front of the Sultan Mosque in the olden days. I painted three village children climbing ladders up to a house to play. The view must be great up there – of the Sultan Mosque’s gleaming dome towering above a sea of roofs and Gelam trees blossoming with white flowers. Ladders like these leading to upper stories of houses were commonly seen along Arab Street five-footways up to the 1990s. There is one such ladder left at Arab Street if you can find it. Pulley systems to bring goods up and down were also common. Join the children and help them pull the basket and cat up to the house! 

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